Johnny Crist is a Conservative Republican candidate for Georgia House District 108. Johnny married his college sweetheart Anne and together they have been blessed with eight children and many grandchildren. As the former Senior Pastor and founder of Atlanta Vineyard Church, he has spent his career in pastoral ministry. He holds a Doctorate of Ministry from Fuller Seminary, serves on the board of Providence Christian Academy, and is also a graduate of Leadership Gwinnett Class of 2018. Johnny and Anne attend Gwinnett Church.   


Johnny’s love of people and community led him to get involved in the Lilburn City Council where he has served as the Mayor for the last eight years.

In his free time, Johnny loves hitting the road for a good run and on Friday nights he enjoys taking Anne on a date, a tradition the two of them have shared for over 25 years.



Protect Life

As a father and Christian, I understand the miracle that is life. This campaign is about people, not politics and I can't think of a group of people who more desperately needs our protection than our innocent unborn. As your Representative, I will always vote in favor of life!

Defend the Second Amendment

The Second Amendment is foundational to all other Constitutional rights. As your next Representative, I will adamantly defend your right keep and bear arms.

Limit Government

Ronald Reagan once said, "Man is not free unless government is limited... as government expands, liberty contracts." I believe a good legislator finds ways to empower citizens by reducing the size and scope of government. In the legislature, I will work to roll back burdensome regulation and strip power from the bureaucrats in Atlanta.

Back the Blue

In Lilburn, we have 32 sworn officers. As Mayor, I had the pleasure to work closely with our law enforcement on a weekly basis. We will never be able to say "thank you" enough to the officers who put their lives on the line to protect our communities and our state. I will always support our men and women in uniform.



Eradicate Human Trafficking

The evils of human trafficking are almost unfathomable and it is sickening to know this epidemic is creeping into communities across Gwinnett County. We must do everything we can as a state to provide the essential resources needed to combat this on every front and ensure our local and state law enforcement work together with our schools, our communities, and our non-profits to end this heinous crime 


I am proud of the work our First Lady Marty Kemp has done to shed light on human trafficking across our state.

Improve Education  

Education is undoubtedly the foundation of opportunity. EVERY child in our state should be given the choice to succeed. As your Representative, I will work to localize education, allowing teachers to teach, administrators to lead, and families to have more options in their child's learning. I will also support pay raises for our hard-working educators. 

Invest Wisely in Transportation

Less time in traffic means more time to work, play, or be with family. Our state and district are growing, but with that comes challenges such as increased congestion on our roadways. We must address our transportation issues and ensure we are using designated funds properly. 



Join community members and leaders from across the district in supporting Johnny Crist for District 108.



Call me on my cell anytime at: (678) 457-4180 


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